Room Database

What is Room Database?

Its an abstraction layer over Sqlite which provide full access over database

Object Relation Mapping(ORM) library that mean it map our database object to our java object.

Component of Room Database


2.DAO(Data Access Object)


1.Entity → create a table within a database if we annote @Entity to the top of the class it will create a table within database.

@PrimarKey is used to define its unique ,the sqlite will create a unique id for the mentioned column if we decalre autogenerate = true inside the PrimaryKey

@ColumnInfo(name = “columnname”) will give information about the particullar column we can mention the column name inside ColumnInfo

2.DAO(Data Access Object)

Where we access database function such as insert,delete and update.

we will create an interface with @DAO annotation for accessing database

DataBase where we define our entities,tablename and DAO and we make this class as abstract which extends RoomDatabase and we use singleton pattern for creating instance with static variable so it can accessed in main class without creating object just by class name.

the .fallbackToDestructiveMigration() will destroy and create the table inside database

Calling from main class

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Pandiyan Mani

Pandiyan Mani

Knowledge is everything.Check out my app at

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