How to implement camera Capture and save Image using Jetpack compose

For this we need to implement camerax in our app level gradle file

Followed by our permission implementation

regarding permission you can check my previous post on

Now lets start with getting permission

here permissionstate will be used if you want to trigger single permission for mutliple permission you can use rememberMultiplePermissionsState and you can listOf all your permission inside. Currently i am using singlee permission that is CAMERA so i passed my camera permission inside rememberPermissionState on Button onclick i triggered the permission.Another thing is add prmission on manifest file

So we are done with permission part lets see how we start camera.First i am going to use Box scope for designing what is Box Scope its similar to FrameLayout in XML we can place over that layout iniside that i am creating Androidview ny using AndroidView takes a viewblock it s provided with context so we dont need to use Context

In the above you can see code with Camerax.

Final Code

CamerOpen Composable

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Pandiyan Mani

Pandiyan Mani

Knowledge is everything.Check out my app at

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