Android Studio Shortcuts

1.Jump on words from left to right and right to left using ctrl+left arrow and ctrl+right arrow

2.To make entire text selection we can use ctrl+left arrow or ctrl+right arrow so it moves the cursor to particular text and by pressing ctrl+ shift+left arrow we can make the entire text selection.

3.To switch between tabs use Alt+left or Alt+Right arrow ie you have opened ten files on the screen want to move from one file to another you can use it.

4.ctrl+y to remove a single line from the code we can also use ctrl+x for cutting the line without selecting the text and ctrl+c for copying.

5.For moving statement we can use ctrl+shift+up or ctrl+shift+down arrow it will move statement above or below expression.

6.we can see all the shortcuts under File →setting →keymap →Editor Action

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Pandiyan Mani

Pandiyan Mani

Knowledge is everything.Check out my app at

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