Load data from api to recylerview using JetPack Compose

Hi today we look in to an concept of how to load data from an api using retrofit and load in to an recylerview using Jetpack Compose and single selection highlight on recylerview selection.

First we import things needed for retrofit…

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Design TopAppBar and BottomNavigationBar with Different view change on menu select using JetPack Compose

Hi first lets see how to implement top app bar using jectpack compose for that we need to create a composable function TopBar

fun TopBar() {

Detail Page Design using Jetpack Compose

Hi please check with my previous article of RecylerView Using Jetpack Compose

in the below link which is the continuos of the previous post

in this post we will be creating a detail page from the recylerview selection

First lets create a ProfileScreen.kt inside…

RecylerView Using Jetpack Compose

Hi Lets see how to implement recylerview using jetpack compose in a step by step manner

First we will be creating an empty project for that we need android studio

Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 Patch 2

Since it contain the empty compose activity



what is interface?

In java multiple inheritance concept is not supported so in order to achieve that we use interface.interface is a blueprint of class it contain fileds and all methods inside interface are abstract by nature they have method signature and no body.interface are used for acheiving abstraction.interface are created using keyword interface followed by name of interface we can use this interface in class by using keyword implement

Advantage of using interface

1.They are loosely coupled which mean change of class A doesnt affect class B and vice versa.

2.We can achieve multiple inheritance through interface we can implement multiple interface to class.

3.interface can extend other interface or more.


What is Coroutines?

Coroutines are used for performing asynchronous task at the background without affecting or blocking the main thread.

Why we use Coroutines for background operation since we have thread and lot more?

Coroutines are light weight thread we can perform asynchronous task on background thread but creating…


what is HashSet?

Hashset comes under collection framework its used for storing group of data it uses hashtable for storing data.Its comes under set interface which is child interface of collection framework.

HashSet j = new HashSet();

Important Points

1.It doesnt allow duplicate value if duplicate value inserted mean it will return false saying the value already inserted.

2.It allow null value.

3.It doesnt preserve insertion order since it use hascode for storing data.

4.Sometime its heterogeneous.

5.Hashset is best choice for searching since it use hascode().


what is Hashmap?

Hashmap comes under collection framework and its used for storing group of data in the form of key and value.

HashMap<Integer,String> hm = new HashMap<>();

Hashmap allows duplicate value but the key should be unique if the same key called again then it will replace…

Android Studio Shortcuts

1.Jump on words from left to right and right to left using ctrl+left arrow and ctrl+right arrow

2.To make entire text selection we can use ctrl+left arrow or ctrl+right arrow so it moves the cursor to particular text and by pressing ctrl+ shift+left arrow we can make the entire text selection.

3.To switch between tabs use Alt+left or Alt+Right arrow ie you have opened ten files on the screen want to move from one file to another you can use it.

4.ctrl+y to remove a single line from the code we can also use ctrl+x for cutting the line without selecting the text and ctrl+c for copying.

5.For moving statement we can use ctrl+shift+up or ctrl+shift+down arrow it will move statement above or below expression.

6.we can see all the shortcuts under File →setting →keymap →Editor Action

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